At our goal is to get you to think about your hearing and understand the value of it in everyday life. By the way, when was the last time you thought about your hearing?


The birth of….

Several years ago  I attended a wellness event at his place of employment in order to receive a discount on our insurance premium. We were required to have blood drawn and fill out an extensive health history. Part of the health history inquired about whether we had hearing loss. Well, with me being an Audiologist, my first thought was, ‘What a stupid question, no one will check yes to that because, almost, everyone thinks their hearing is just perfect.’

About a month later we were each sent a portfolio of our lab profile and recommendations of what we should be following up on based on our responses on the health history. I don’t know why this surprised me but there was not one mention of getting our hearing checked. And, just in case you’re wondering, neither of us are spring chickens so a hearing check would have been a reasonable recommendation! Steam was coming out of my ears because it hit me that even the wellness companies don’t understand the value of hearing or the implications for untreated hearing loss.

While venting to my husband that “no one ever thinks about hearing’ I made the comment that someone needs to start a hearing initiative ‘to get people to think about their ears and hearing’. It was at that point that I started my mission to create a movement that would encourage people to get a hearing health check as part of their personal wellness plan. It’s taken a little more than two years to pull this together, but is here! Enjoy the videos, blogs and tips. I hope you learn to value your hearing and encourage others to take care of theirs. After all, they are the only two ears you will ever have!

Think Hearing

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You don’t know what you don’t hear. The only way you can know if your hearing is good, or not, is to get a hearing health check.

Always use ear protection when you’re going to be exposed to loud sounds/noises, such as concerts, machinery, shooting ranges, and sporting events like car racing.

Watch TV and listen to music on a low volume. Ask someone who has normal hearing to set the volume so it’s comfortable for them. If you can’t hear it, get a hearing health check.

If you have a child who continually says ‘what’ and ‘huh’, don’t think they’re intentionally ignoring you.
Kids at young ages desire to please their parents, not anger them. Really! They may have fluid in their ears, an auditory processing disorder, or even hearing loss. Think hearing and take them for a hearing health check today.

They may ask you to repeat things over and over.

They have the TV or radio at a volume so high you can hear it throughout the house, or if you’re in the same room, you’ll need to leave the room because it’s bothersome to you.

They constantly ask “what?” or “huh?” when someone is talking to them.

They decide not to attend events they once enjoyed because the noise interferes so much with hearing speech that there is no enjoyment for them.