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Welcome to Think Hearing, a nationwide hearing health initiative focused on educating you about hearing, hearing loss and the implications for untreated hearing loss, through social media and current employee wellness programs. Think Hearing aims to bring the sense of hearing to the forefront by using engaging storyboard videos to teach you about everything related to hearing.  By the way, how is your hearing?  How do you know? Have you had it tested? You may not know this but unless you get your hearing tested, you will never know if it’s normal, or not, because you don’t know what you don’t hear.  Hearing loss is easily seen in other people because you know how often you have to repeat.  But, how many times has someone said something to you and you just didn’t hear them? Or, maybe you had to ask other people to repeat and you blame it on that person saying they mumble.  Do they really mumble, or is it your hearing that’s not so good anymore?

It’s time to start understanding the value of your hearing and the social, emotional and medical problems associated with even mild hearing loss.  Knowledge is power!  Schedule a hearing health check today.  If you know a colleague, co worker, spouse, child or sibling who doesn’t hear so well, and probably doesn’t know it, recommend a hearing health check and bring them with you-everything is more fun with a friend!

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