Is Your Hearing ‘Just Fine’?

Hearing is a funny thing. Most of us think we hear ‘just fine’, because according to what we think we hear, that’s true. The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t hear, and that is not ‘just fine’!

Hearing difficulties are typically externalized. For example, if you don’t hear well in a restaurant, you’ll blame it on the background noise or high ceilings. If you don’t hear your spouse talking to you while they’re in another room, you’ll blame your misunderstanding on them and tell them to at least be in the same room when they have something to say to you. But, years long ago, you used to be able to hear your spouse speaking to you from another room. In fact, in years past, you had no problem hearing and understanding in any restaurant or bar you went too. It’s true. Think about it-ten years ago did you argue with your spouse about them talking to you from another room? Did you plan what restaurant you were going to eat at based on the time of day and noise level? If you’re honest, I bet the answer is no to both questions.

So, what’s changed? Bars and restaurants are the same as they’ve always been. Your spouse hasn’t changed their behavior just to annoy you by speaking to you from another room-they’ve always done this. The difference is that your hearing is not what it used to be; it is most likely diminishing and the problem of mishearing and misunderstanding lies with you and your ears. Because hearing decreases gradually and it is not an illness so you aren’t sick, we tend to blame our surroundings and other people for our hearing issues rather than acknowledge that the problem is within us.

What to do about it? You check everything else out, why not check your hearing? Are you afraid there will be hearing loss? That is an honest concern, but would you not have your blood pressure checked because they might find it’s high? No. Knowledge is power-Get a hearing health check today and prove that your hearing is ‘just fine’, or not!

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